About Us
KKBIOMED has over two decades experience in developing unique products for the Life Sciences. The firm has also developed patent protected technology for drug delivery.

Our current focus has been in the areas of DNA Research, microbial detection, and medical device coatings.
Wax Encapsulation/ Mg HotBead- Reagents are entrapped in paraffin beads to increase performance by keeping reaction components separate during storage.

BioReveal Orange- Can be used as a solution or a coating to show invisible contaminants on any surface, due to presence of biofilms.
For more than a decade, KKBIOMED has manufactured specialized, wax encapsulated products for leading Biotech companies.

KKBIOMED has completed grant projects funded through the National Institutes of Health, NIH Bethesda, Maryland. One of these was "A Novel Drug Carrier for treatment of MS".

We continue to network through collaborations with Research Park and the University of Utah.